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About Us  
Who We Are

GoDucks.net is a news and information aggregator for UO Athletics. We have taken on the responsibility of helping University of Oregon Alumni and fans everywhere, to gain access to the overwhelming and constant flow of Duck news that is on the Internet. Our SIte is a free service to anyone that simply does not want to sift through all of the newspapers on a dialy basis looking for articles to read.

The advertising that you see provides us with just enough money to cover hosting and message board expenses, and then leave a little beer money for the Mosho Center at the end of the year.

Our visitors come from all over the globe daily to check up on the Ducks. We regularly receive visitors from all over Europe, Asia, the South Pacific (can you believe that), as well as every time zone in the United States. We also receive daily visitors from all of the major newspapers in Oregon including the Oregonian, Register Guard and Statesman Journal.

We are located in Southern California and Portland, OR and most of us graduated in the late 90's. We appreciate all of you that have written in asking about our profiles, however, for now we are happy flying under the radar. Our friends know who we are and continue to be our loyal sponsors.

The Site has been up for almost five years now and we are excited about continuing the commitment that we've made to our visitors and fellow Duck fans through 2004.

Our Future
GoDucks.net is constantly making an effort to improve upon our Site and it's content. If you have any suggestions, please let us know through our feedback form.
Throughout the year we get many emails regarding season tickets, football camps and recruiting events. Please understand that we ARE NOT the University of Oregon Athletics Department and cannot handle these requests. Please visit the below Official Site for the University. GO DUCKS!
Official Univ. of Oregon Homepage
Official University of Oregon Athletics Homepage
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